The extradition law can be set to be a part of law that is incidental to the existing criminal laws in India, extradition is basically a process in which a person under whose nomination, a lookout notice has been issued and the person is absconding, and the government tries it’s best to catch hold of that person and bring him back to India. Staying abroad there are different type of notices that are also issued in the form of a red cross notice, blue cross notice, etc. it is very much important to note that there is a special law in India for extradition denoted by the extradition act 1962 and the initiations and the respective form of proceedings have been exclusively charged out in that act and it is very much important to observe here that the offender should get hold of and brought to terms as per his act of atrocities. This applies vice versa and in reciprocation that is bringing the criminals whose origination is from India and also departing the criminals to the respective countries from where they belong.