Accident & Insurance

Accident and insurance cases are very much important with respect to meeting the justice and the claim amount that needs to be decided with respect to particular case, generally the trial with respect to the accident cases are carried out in judicial magistrate first class code and the claims that are pertinent to the accident cases and with respect to the insurance are carried out before Motor accident claim tribunal, MACT.

Bail and Anticipatory bail

It is a form of relief that is available for an individual against whom criminal charges have been pressed or initial FIR has been lodged. The concept of Bail is very old.

The meaning of bail is to give, so bail and anticipatory bail are the forms of relief that an individual can avail for himself or herself as a remedy.

The normal procedure is when a person is arrested, thereafter the person is produced before the court, and then visual to apply for a bill. Proving to the court that he shall support with the trial activities. And the anticipatory bail is a form of pre-arrest bail in which an individual can apply for Bill in anticipation against arrest by police authorities.


FIR and complaints are very much important when a certain form of criminal action needs to be strictly dealt with. The abbreviation of a FIR in its full form stands for first information report. The first information report can be lodged with the police authorities and thereafter after the investigation process are brought into effect against criminal actions are taken against the persons who have committed crimes. In a similar way, a complaint can be forwarded to a police station and in that complaint, the necessary concerns or Grievances that are pertinent to the fraud or the crime committed can be registered, depending upon the complexity of the complaint and the velocity with which actions need to be instigated the police authorities.

The complaints given to the police station canbe converted into either a FIR(First information report) depending upon cognizable offense or NC letter shall be issued by the police authorities.

Summons, Warrants & Cancellation of Warrants

Summons warrant and cancellation of warrants are the form of procedure and proceedings in a criminal case. Summons are also issued in civil matters and specifically, summons is a norm, in a civil case.

Summons shall be employed as a legal order which is authenticated by judicial officer to call upon Defendant, accused or witness with respect to a legal proceeding. On the other hand, warrant is issued by the court that is empowering the police officer to perform an act with the permission of the judicial officer.

Summons in short can be narrated as an instruction or instrument that calls for a particular person or a document to be produced before the court. On the other hand Warrant authorizes the police officer to catch hold of accused and produce him before the court.

The main objective of summons is to notify the person that he has an obligation and he needs to appear before the court which has issued the respective summons and on the other hand warrant shall be also addressed as a strict instruction that accounts for the person to be produced in front of the court who has earlier ignored the summons and has not appeared before the court.

Once the Accused has appeared before the court then the warrant needs to be cancelled that was issued earlier and bail needs to be taken before the Hon’ble court along with PR bond.

Return of Property

The return of property is a process that is followed either before judicial magistrate of first-class or a Sessions Judge. When a property is confiscated and when there is a crime committed and it falls under question before the respective forum and in order to retrieve the property and to give assurance that at any point of time, the owner of the property shall support with the trial proceeding, the return of property application is respectively made before The Honourable Court, bonds are given and a surety is standard before the court that at any point of time. The trial proceedings shall be supported by the owner of the property and on that basis, the property is handed over to the owner.

Cheque Bounce (138 N.I. Act)

Cheque bounce cases are on the rise in India and it is very much important that the time value of money has to be considered when cheque bounce cases are dealt with and also there are amendments and certain new introductions with respect to law that provide for the speedy trial of cheque bounce cases.

Domestic Violence & 498A

Domestic violence cases are on the rise in India. Women in the society are subjected to torture, abuses, mental harassment and violence on a day to day basis. In order to protect and safeguard the rights of the women, Domestic violence cases are filed before the Judicial Magistrate First class to compensate her for accommodation, maintenance and other allied monetary compensation.

498 A is a provision provided under IPC that explains the facts that any Husband or relative or family members of the Husband who hold any form of close or distance relationship subjecting woman to hardship and severe form of cruelty driving her towards committing untoward actions in the form of suicide or meeting any form of unlawful demand, then, in that circumstances, punishment shall be imposed on the members who were participants in that process.


The defamation cases are broadly classified into two categories that is civil defamation and criminal defamation depending upon the nature of activity that one individual instigates against the other in terms of defaming him in the eyes of society and public at large and against that defamation cases are filed and are carried out under civil or criminal proceedings.

420, Cheating, Fraud, Theft, Forgery

Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property shall be sentenced to imprisonment for fraudulently inducing to manufacture, modify, or destroy and the imprisonment shall stretch up to 7 years along with fine.

Ingredients for Theft

Theft has the following defining ingredients which must be proved in a given case, namely:

Dishonest intention to take the property;

The property must be moveable;

It should be taken out of the possession of another person;

It should be taken without the consent of that person;

There must be some moving of the property to accomplish it’s taking;

In the name of justification to theft, if a man in extreme want of food or clothing steals either to relieve his present necessities, the law allows no such excuse to be considered.

FORGERY is an act of forging documents or any other vital piece of information that shall mislead an individual to believe that the things are genuine and not otherwise.

Legal recovery is a broad area that encompasses varied legal provisions, and that are followed by banks financial institutions or private persons. Depending upon the nature of recovery, the following are the various types of measures that can be undertaken under legal recovery, the first one being summary suits, the second being ordinary suits for recovery.

A recovery action can be also taken under the recovery of Banks and financial institutions, act 1993. The latest recovery measures encompasses under the securitisation and reconstruction of financial assets & enforcement of security interest act 2002. Arbitration proceedings can be also initiated. In addition to that, criminal actions also prevail depending upon the nature of the offence, committed. A complaint can also be filed under Section. 138 of negotiable instruments act.

Adoption, Custody & Guardianship

Adoption is a form of blessing in terms of having children for the childless couples. So, adoption paves away for the couples to have their own child by following certain statutory Provisions.

There are different types of adoptions like open adoption, Semi-open adoption & closed adoption, Intra-family adoption or adoption through a relative &domestic adoption.

Custody is a process through which children are taken under custodial ambit by the persons who wish to seek custody of the children through process of court.

Guardian is a nomination in the sense, the deputation of role and responsibility to act as guardian for person or property.

This is the first step of legal proceeding. Our Firm helps address the issue and appropriately apply the Jurisprudence that is required for the formulation of legal notice and is sent to the opposite parties against whom corrective actions are expected.


Divorce is a process where the husband and wife who are under marital tie, no longer wish to continue the relationship.

There are different types of Divorce petitions. Like divorce with mutual consent or a contested divorce. And the issues that arise out of the divorce cases are for alimony or maintenance custody of child property rights. The divorce can be either initiated by the husband or by the wife or by Mutual consent. Basically, the contents of the petition should contain the facts on which decree of divorce shall be passed.

A decree is required for the final dissolution of marriage. And after obtaining the decree, the husband of the wife, as the case may deem fit. She’ll up to remarry again with another partner, depending upon the situation and circumstances.

Co-op Society & small cause matters

The cases that come under the ambit of Cooperative society gets divided into two parts some of the matters as per the jurisdiction that has been mentioned in the Cooperative Societies Act lies with the Registrar of societies and the matters that fall otherwise are held before the Co-operative courts. Rent disputes and allied matters with respect to injunction and stay are carried before small cause courts.

Appeals, Revisions & Reviews

Appeals, Revisions & Reviews are judicial provisions that enables an individual to further take up the matter in terms of hierarchy if one feels that the required justice has not been met and subsequently can be taken further to ascertain points from point of facts and point of law.

Writs & PILs

Writs & PILs are filed before Hon’ble Supreme court and High Courts to seek relief and to instigate matters that required certain directions of the court which are important for protection of public interests at large respectively.

Injunction & Execution

Injunction suit & Execution petitions are taken care of by our firm as there are certain steps that has to be taken on immediate basis considering limitation of time and urgency. Execution petition is a process that comes in after passing of decree and in order to execute the terms of the decree, execution petition needs to be filed.

Drafting, Pleadings & Conveyancing

The presentation in the form of the grievances, concerns or replies needs to be addressed properly before the judicial forums and therefore Drafting & Pleadings that are presented in the case, petition, suits & applications shall be of best possible standards and shall be devoid of errors. We are always in pursuit of the best content that shall be placed in the petitions so that our clients make a case that fits into the realms of absolute justice and equity.

Conveyancing a separate process that shall follow the parameters set out as a part of compliance and shall be presented before the respective forum.

ELECTION matters

Matters pertaining to the Election related disputes are conducted before Election tribunals and later appeals can be proceeded with as per the respective jurisdiction of court or appropriate forums.


Maharashtra regional town planning is an act that comes under the state laws and provisions are highlighted in this act with respect to the town planning aspects and therefore it is very much important that the provisions of MRTP Act are followed judiciously in order to avoid any form of violation.

Certified copies

These are the part of papers that are retrieved from courts & other judicial forums. Certified copies authenticate the papers retrieved from the respective bodies to be of absolute nature and form the basis of judgements, orders, decrees & documents that are related to the ongoing or disposed cases before the respective forums.


For any matters that requires representation of the Government employees for action instigated against them by the respective department of the Governmental bodies then in that case a formal representation of their grievances can be placed before Central Administrative Tribunal or State Administrative Tribunal depending upon the affiliation of the Government employee.


LokAdalat is generally constituted once in a month for amicably resolving the dispute between parties that have filed cases in the court premises and opportunity is given to both parties to join the proceedings of LokAdalat and resolve the dispute which is in existence.

Pre-Litigation services

This is a form of mediation that has been expressly mentioned in the Legal services Authorities act and it is a very useful tool to resolve the disputes before going for the trial proceedings which saves a lot of time for the Litigants.

Contempt petition

Contempt petition is filed before the court on the grounds of violation of the court order and to make the party accountable to perform its actions on the conditions that have been passed in the order.