The admiralty matters or the maritime law which when is seen as a whole has its own expansion and the respective laws are applicable with respect to the shippingcompanies. The companies who hire the services of the shipping companies and the respective bodies that are involved in that transaction like the clearing agents, the excise officers and the other governmental bodies that get involved into the admiralty and the dispute arising out of the transactions that are pertinent to the shipping laws are addressed here. The jurisdiction falls with the high court and the matters are entertained and proceeded before the High court would depending upon the territorial part and the respective High courts of that territories hold the jurisdiction to entertain the matter. Maritime law as such is a very vast field and the various sections that are related to the maritime law clearly construes the process of law that is required to be followed under admiralty and maritime law.

Customs & Excise

Matters related to customs and excise are handled for which certain applications are made before the Customs officer clearly justifying the position and the intent of the client is made clear that the goods procured were on the basis of the slab of taxation and not otherwise.