Strategy and planning is very much important for any company and the respective management should make sure that they have a proper strategy and a proper planning to channel their efforts constructively in a way that they could gain a long-term benefit.Vision mission, and an objective is the prime platform on the basis of which a company can succeed depending upon their strengths of strategy and planning. There are various laws that a company should take care of to follow judiciously and to make sure that the right approach has been taken up and it should not be done in a haphazard manner. It should be very much crystal clear and it should take care of all the stakeholders who are involved into the functioning of the company and therefore, proper strategy planning on the basis of memorandum of articles and the articles of association along with proper structuring, their proper financing, the different laws, like labor laws, in-house planning, their contractual convenience, and their dispute resolution mechanism and everything that is very much important in the functioning of the company should be taken care of and it is a duty of the management that they have a strong strategy and planning for each and every pillar of the company for example, a strong labor law or a strong labor policy, strong operational policy, the recruitment process, the exit process everything should be strategically planned out so that they can function well in a long run. We provide our support in implementation of Strategy & Planning.