Animal Abuse In India: How To Report An Animal Cruelty Complaint

Animals depend on us to safeguard them by reporting crimes against them. Even though every state has provisions against animal cruelty, these laws are only as effective as those of those who implement them. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act works to prevent Animal Abuse in India.

The liberties we enjoy as people make us powerful and enable us to lead a more accessible and pleasant life. We live in harmony with the environment, nature, and other creatures, and we have rules for safeguarding the well-being of animals just as we do for the security of people.

What Is Animal Abuse?

Animal abuse in India is the brutal treatment of animals, and they are harmed or killed in this process. Cruelty can be inflicted in several ways, including beating, attacking, burning, hurting, and dragging.

As human beings have no right to determine who survives and dies, and slaughtering an innocent living thing is unacceptable, this sacrifice of animals constitutes animal abuse. Neglecting animals, such as denying them access to food, water, or medical care, is another form of animal abuse.

Animals Protection Laws In India

The Enforcement of the Cruelty to Animals Act, implemented by the government in 1960, makes animal abuse an offence.

This legislation contains several sections that address animal abuse. This comprises of the following:

  • The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972,
  • The Indian Penal Code (IPC),
  • The Constitution of India, 1949
  • The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960

Indian Penal Code, 1860

According to Sections 428 and 429 of the IPC, anyone who intentionally causes harm, injury, death, ingestion, or mutilation to animals or cattle will be penalized with a fine, up to 5 years in jail, or both. Section 377 defines sexual conduct between males and animals as a culpable and non-bailable offence.

It falls under the category of a unique or unusual offence. Anyone who violates nature’s order by having sex with a male, female, or animal faces a life sentence, a maximum of ten years in prison, and a fine.

The Constitution Of India, 1949

Article 48 refers to farming and livestock husbandry. It guides the government in organising farming and animal husbandry through new, cutting-edge scientific methods rather than outdated ones. It completely forbids the killing of cows, and calves, beating up and draught animals, and the practice of animal slaughtering. Protection of the environment and animals is governed by Article 48A.

The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Act, 1960

This Act contains India’s fundamental animal cruelty legislation. The Act aims to prevent animals’ needless misery or pain and modify the rules about the battle against animal cruelty.

The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972

To secure the nation’s ecological health and environmental safety, an Act is needed for safeguarding wild animals, birds, and plants, as well as for issues related to, ancillary to, or incidental to it.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

On December 26, 1960, the Parliament approved the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act in India to prevent animal cruelty.

The Act’s primary goal is:

  • To avoid needless suffering or pain for animals.
  • The Act codifies provisions creating the Animal Care and Welfare Board of India, as well as the Board’s structure, powers, and terms of office.
  • The Act codifies the regulations for using animals in experiments for research and gives a group the authority to establish guidelines for such operations.
  • The Act places restrictions on the training and show of circus animals. According to Section 21 of this Act, "exhibit", and "train" are each given an independent meaning.

Reporting Animal Cruelty

When one witnesses an act of animal abuse in India, one should immediately contact animal control or a police officer to file a report. It is recommended that even if you are unsure whether the Act qualifies as animal abuse or not, you should nevertheless notify animal welfare so that they may inquire into the matter and ensure that no cruelty took place.

The person making the animal cruelty complaint in India, or the individual he notified and who controls the complaint, must also keep a precise record so that, if the official does anything dishonest or wrong, the person may inform higher authorities. One can contact their local or native animal welfare organization for assistance if unsure of the process or steps to use in battling animal cruelty cases.

Who Can Report Animal Cruelty?

Animal cruelty is a reality that occurs around us but continues to be not reported by us; following are the points under which one can report animal abuse:

  • Anyone can write about animal cruelty.
  • Anyone can report animal abuse if they see it happening.
  • One may still file a complaint of animal cruelty even if they were not present when the incident occurred but found out about it from a friend or neighbour.
  • They can even necessitate the eyewitness to voice out in resistance to the cruel treatment of any animal, whether it be a dog, a bird, or indeed a wild animal.
  • Any person in immediate contact with the abused animal should not tolerate even the slightest Act of harm or cruelty. One should be informed of the options for reporting animal cruelty, including phone and online.
  • Animal abuse can even be notified if seen on media such as TV, movies, and web series.
  • If the other individual believes the pet’s owner has oppressed the animal in any way, they may even file a complaint against the pet owner.

How to Report Animal Cruelty Complaints in India?

A fundamental responsibility of Indian citizens is to ensure the welfare and safety of animals. Following are how people can report animal cruelty complaints in India.

  • Animal abuse can be reported to a police official.
  • PETA India can be reached by letter, phone call, fax, website, or email. PETA India’s urgent number is 9820122602 if you need to assist an animal at immediate bodily risk or immediate medical attention immediately. The second contact number is 9167907382 for non-urgent matters.
  • One could call the authorities or a local police department in the excellent area where the abuse occurs.
  • Organizations assisting abandoned animals or people can be contacted if one fails to reach legal officials.
  • Animal abuse can be reported even on online platforms.
  • One must report animal cruelty and follow up with additional steps like calling a vet, confronting the offender, and filing an FIR right away.
  • Reporting regulations and telephone numbers are specific to each country for recent and historical animal abuse. One must be familiar with the rules and laws of their nation or state.


Animal cruelty is a general word covering almost everything that harms or threatens the life or limb of any living creature on the planet. Anyone who witnesses animal abuse in India, or hears about it from someone else, should report it right away. A single phone call from us can significantly impact an animal’s life, and everyone must report it because it is the moral thing to do.

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