Consumer laws have gained importance in the Indiansociety right from the era of 1980s, the initial consumer protection act was formulated in the year 1986 by the parliament and it was specifically taken into consideration that the consumer’s rights should be protected to the best possible level and with this thinking, the parliament had passed the bill for consumer laws basically for a consumer case to bring into effect remedies for the issues that the consumer have faced or should have been subjected to any form of harassment in the form of physical, mental or monitory basis and once it is decided or once it is brought to the notice that the consumer has been harassed, there is a limitation period of two years to bring the cause and effect into remedy for relief that needs to be brought along for the consumer. Initially, notice needs to be served to the opposite party against whom the consumer intends to take the case forward and then the cases can be filed as per the jurisdiction. There are three entities or forums for Consumer Commission the first one being the district Forum, the second one, being the state consumer commission and the final being the National Consumer Commission and the highest jurisdiction lies before the supreme court, which shall be brought into the effect by the respective order passed by the National Consumer commission and should have merits to delve into the supreme court for appropriate relief.