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Being accused of a crime can be frightening, distressing and even more upsetting when the opposing party has powerful resources.

There is a lot of paperwork and police officers’ questions to answer. Any minor error in these processes could jeopardise your case and result in a harsher sentence, fine, or charge on your record. You should avoid taking chances.

Hiring services of Kaleeyantey law firm can relieve unnecessary stress while significantly the correct course corrections can be taken. Going alone in criminal courts without the help of the criminal lawyers in Mumbai can be dangerous and not advised unless you are familiar with the legal system.

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What are criminal cases?

According to the Indian Penal Code, 1860, a criminal offence is when a person voluntarily commits an act prohibited by law. Action alone does not constitute guilt; it is only considered an offence when accompanied by a guilty mind.

The legal maxim ‘actus non facitreum, nisi mens sit rea’ means that both the guilty act and the guilty mind must be present for an action to be considered a criminal offence. When police officials lodge, a criminal offence and the same offence moves to court is called a criminal case.

The Criminal Procedure Code of 1973 divides criminal offences into four categories:

  1. Cognizable
  2. Non Cognizable
  3. Bailable
  4. Non-bailable.

Under Indian law, different offences have different procedural treatments.

Types of criminal cases

The code of criminal procedure, which governs the procedure for trying criminal offences in the Indian justice system, divides criminal offences into the following categories:

Bailable offence

Section 2 (a) of the Code of Criminal Procedure defines these types of criminal offences as those listed in the first schedule of the code. Bailable crimes are punishable by imprisonment for less than three years or a simple fine only.

Bailable offences have an unrestricted right to bail under the criminal procedure code, so anyone arrested without a warrant for a bailable offence has an absolute right to be released on bail if they are willing to pay the bail amount. A court of law determines the bail amount, and the grant of bail is conditional on the accused meeting this demand.

The criminal procedure code also specifies the form an accused must complete when applying for bail.

Non-bailable offences

Non-bailable offences, as the name implies, are those in which the accused does not have an unrestricted right to bail. All offences not listed in the first schedule of the Criminal Procedure Code are non-bailable. These are offences punishable by the death penalty, life imprisonment, or rigorous imprisonment for more than seven years.

In the case of non-bailable offences, the decision to grant bail is at the discretion of a court of law, which may refuse or grant bail subject to certain conditions as the court deems appropriate. A magistrate must record the reasons for their decision in the court’s order when deciding whether to grant or refuse bail to an accused.

In the case of a non-bailable offence, a bail application can be made through form 45, as outlined in the criminal procedure code.

Cognizable offences

These are offences for which the criminal procedure code gives the police administration the authority to arrest an accused person without a warrant in certain cases and with a warrant in other form of cases. As a result of the police administration’s absolute authority, cognizable offences are frequently more serious offences of a serious nature that carry the more severe punishments under the Indian penal code.

The first schedule of the code of criminal procedure contains a list of all cognizable offences under the Indian penal code and other statutes.

Non Cognizable offences

These are offences other than that of cognizable offences for which the criminal procedure code gives the police administration the authority to record an complaint of the complainant against the accused person and NC copy is given to the Complainant to file a case against the accused before JMFC/MM or the court having the appropriate jurisdiction. On cognizable offences are less serious in nature that carry punishments under the Indian penal code having fine or simple imprisonment or otherwise as laid down as per the Indian Penal code.

How do we help you in your criminal case?

A criminal conviction includes prison time, hefty fines, and convictions. If you are facing any of these charges due to a serious crime, you will need a good criminal defence law firm on your side. Effectively representing yourself in a criminal trial is very much important.

Types of Criminal cases that we deal with:

End to end assistance with FIR & Charge sheets, Trial Procedures, Murder, Rape, Forgery, PITA, NDPS, MPID, Defamation, EOW, Quashing of FIR, Regular bails, anticipatory bails, statutory bails, Accident & Insurance, MACT matters, Return of Properties, Cheque bounce, Domestic violence& 498A, 420, cheating, theft, robbery, forgery, Writs, PIL’s, Appeals, revisions, reviews, Contempt petitions, LokAdalat’s, Competition, Anti-Trust laws, CAT, MAT, Women & Children, Extradition & Mutual assistance, Customs, Discharge applications, Extortion & Kidnap cases, Detention matters, Anti-Corruption cases, Dowry harassment, Plea Bargaining, Juvenile cases, POCSO matters, MOCA, Drugs & Cosmetics, IPR related matters, Maintenance in family matters, Transfer petitions, Restorations and all other criminal related matters.

Our lawyers look for factors and listen to arguments that can reduce a potential criminal’s conviction. Our job is to organise and present the facts in the best way possible to support a winning legal theory.

Our criminal lawyers in Mumbai have represented clients in complex cases involving the acquittal of charges, and our lawyers are in charge of all activities related to the investigation of criminal cases. We represent clients to achieve the best possible outcome in each case.

Kaleeyantey Law Firm is dedicated to providing legal solutions to clients by delivering value and quality. They actively assist clients in both litigation and non-litigation matters. Our criminal lawyers in Mumbai are always available to answer clients’ questions and develop strategies and tactics for potential solutions.

Why our firm?

The term Kaleeyantey refers to representing our colleagues in pursuit of a progressive stance in this Modern Age. Our relationship with clients does not end when a transaction or case is completed—we seek to strengthen the relationship and add value beyond legal services. We strive to provide legal solutions to clients by delivering value and quality.

We accomplish the above through practical and innovative legal solutions that assist our clients in succeeding. In all matters, we provide consistent services across our platform of practices and sectors. We approach each representation with the same commitment to first understanding, then efficiently and effectively advancing, our client’s interests and achieving the best results. With our clients, we prioritise both short-term and long-term objectives.

Our culture and values are essential to who we are, and we take them very seriously. We make a difference by being approachable, honest, supportive, and unique. Our values are at the heart of who we are and what drives us to work with and for others. We help with advice, recommendations, strategy, and tactics.

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