Navigating Legal Challenges: Services Offered by Kaleeyantey Law Firm

Legal matters can vary from person to person and from case to case. In specific situations, it is highly advisable to seek legal assistance. Instances may arise where a significant and complex legal dispute arises, warranting the expertise of an attorney.

While the cost of legal representation can be substantial, the value of having an avid professional in navigating intricate situations cannot be overstated. A reputable law firm is equipped to handle a wide range of cases, including those pertaining to civil, criminal, commercial, matrimonial, intellectual property rights, and more.

About Kaleeyantey

Kaleeyantey means a commitment to advocating our clients when they face the legal challenges of today. We are committed to our clients beyond the conclusion of a case or the dispute settlement. Our goal is to nurture and strengthen these relationships by offering value that extends beyond standard legal services.

At Kaleeyantey, we provide pragmatic and inventive legal solutions that drive our clients towards success, regardless of the specific legal domain involved. Our dedication to delivering services remains unwavering. We prioritise comprehending our client’s interests in every case and subsequently strive to pursue those interests with precision and effectiveness, aiming for the most favourable results. We are committed to immediate and enduring goals in our collaborative endeavours with our clients.

Our Mainstream Services

Legal Notices

It is the first step in a legal process. Our firm specializes in addressing issues and preparing legal notices sent to the opposite parties to seek appropriate action. We ensure that the formulation of these legal notices adheres to the required rules and proves the correct detail of the wrong done to the party along with the right action demanded.

Drafting, Pleadings and Conveyancing

In the legal arena, presenting grievances, concerns, or responses before judicial forums demands meticulous attention. Therefore, our drafting and pleadings services, which are employed in cases, petitions, suits, and applications, adhere to the highest standards, free from errors. We are dedicated to furnishing content of the utmost quality in the legal documents to ensure our clients build a strong case that aligns with principles of justice and equity.

Conveyancing as a separate process follows the parameters that are made mandatory by compliance and are presented before the relevant forum.

CAT / MAT / Government Employee Representation

When government employees find themselves subject to actions taken by government departments, we at Kaleeyantey provide formal representation for their grievances. These representations can be submitted either to the Central Administrative Tribunal or the State Administrative Tribunal, depending on the affiliation of the government employee.


LokAdalat sessions are typically convened on a monthly basis to facilitate the amicable resolution of disputes between parties who have filed cases within the court premises. Both parties are encouraged to participate in LokAdalat proceedings and work together to resolve their existing disputes. We assist our clients in achieving an amicable solution in these types of matters.


Civil Matters

Civil lawyers play a pivotal role in gathering evidence to present their perspectives to the opposing party and the Judge. Our extensive experience in handling such cases equips us to uncover evidence that might otherwise be overlooked. Our Civil lawyers attentively listen to our client and tailor their presentation to the opposing party while diligently collecting evidence.

Criminal Matters

Our Criminal lawyers focus on factors and arguments that can reduce a potential criminal conviction. Our lawyers organise and present facts to support clients. We often represent our clients in complex cases and handle all aspects of criminal case investigations.

Matrimonial Disputes

Our lawyers excel in accurately calculating maintenance, equitably dividing marital assets, and formulating child custody, support, and visitation arrangements. We assist our clients in crafting settlement proposals to bypass lengthy trials and proceedings.

HR and Employment Sector

We aid in drafting HR processes and employment terms that align with specific requirements. We give well-defined employment policies that enable effective coordination between HR, employers, and employees.

EXIM Matter

Our lawyers are experts in handling matters and disputes arising from import and export activities, contract execution, taxation, and governmental issues. We effectively resolve contentions related to import and export per applicable laws and regulations.

Non- Litigation

Drafting of Will

It is crucial to determine a safe place for secure storage of the Will and ensure that it contains the appropriate provisions for the beneficiaries. At Kaleeyantey Law Firm, we provide our clients with meticulously crafted wills tailored to address their circumstances. We aim to streamline the process by employing clear and concise language, ensuring it is easily comprehensible for our valued clients.

Income Tax, GST, and Other Filings

We manage a range of filings, including Income Tax, GST, and other company-related compliance submissions, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to timely compliance. Annual filing of income tax returns is a mandatory requirement for individuals earning income in India. With our proficient team, we can swiftly and efficiently file our clients’ income tax returns online, guaranteeing a seamless and punctual process free from any delays.

Legal Opinions and Assistance

Our esteemed law firm provides a comprehensive range of services, including legal opinions, consultations, and expert assistance with documentation across various legal matters. This ensures our clients have a clear comprehension of the complexities and challenges concerning their cases, along with a full awareness of the ramifications involved. Our expertise in legal documentation spans a wide array of documents, encompassing the following:

  • Agreements to Sale
  • Sale Deeds
  • MOUs
  • Affidavits
  • Notices
  • Rejoinders
  • Wills
  • Applications
  • Lease Deeds
  • Leave and License Agreements
  • Partnership Deeds
  • Powers of Attorney, and more.

At Kaleeyantey, we engage in thorough discussions with our clients to discern their specific requirements, crafting client-centric legal opinions tailored to their needs.

License Procedure

We at Kaleeyantey extend our support to clients in pursuing various licenses, including but not limited to Food and Drug License, Rent and Lease Deed, Leave and Licenses, Labour Contract License, and Fire License. Once the requisite documents and details are furnished, it becomes our duty to facilitate the process and ensure our clients obtain the necessary licenses.

Digital Signature Certificate

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is an online tool for validating and authenticating documents, functioning as an electronic signature to verify the legitimacy of various documents. Widely utilised in both corporate and government sectors, directors and officials rely on it for crucial validations. At Kaleeyantey, we have established partnerships with esteemed certifying authorities in India, positioning us as a leading provider of digital signatures.


The Kaleeyantey Law Firm is deeply committed to creating a positive social impact by taking on pro bono cases. They aim to safeguard justice, particularly for individuals with limited financial means, those in underprivileged economic situations, and those experiencing financial adversity.

Our culture and values lie at the heart of our identity, and we hold them in the utmost esteem. We have consistently maintained accessibility, transparency, supportiveness, and distinctiveness. These values underpin our unwavering commitment to our clients.

We firmly believe in the significance of a judicial system that embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds, free from discrimination. As a team of advocates and lawyers, we recognize our duty to champion social equity. In doing so, we strive to ensure timely access to justice for every individual.

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